Monday, September 3, 2007

Clueless Joe strikes again

Can ANYONE figure out exactly why Pettitte was left in the game for the 7th, when he was clearly tired? If Joe's going to let the players decide when they play, we might as well not have a manager at all.

That said, this series should have never happened as it did. Losing 2 out of 3 to one of the worst teams in baseball should not happen, particularly not in a pennant race in September. No excuse for the disgusting display of baseball which took place this weekend. The combination of poor starting pitching on Friday, poor hitting on Friday and Sunday and more management on Sunday should never happen, regardless of if we're playing Tampa Bay or Boston. It is ridiculous.


sayankeefan1 said...

eh, you'd figure andy would have a bad start sooner or later. i'm upset about ramirez tho, it seems like the guys gives up a run or two everytime he pitches

btw, love the site so far legends ;)

The Career AAAA Player said...

The one thing that concerns me most about Ramirez is that he might have a slight obsession with his change-up.
Its a great pitch and he can be dominate with it, but he needs to mix it in more with his fastball or else it won't work as well as it should.

Pettitte was obviously gassed coming into the 7th inning. Should have been pulled right then and there.

Anonymous said...

in respond to the edwar comments i believe hitters are starting to lay off his devasting change up and sitting fastball.. IIRC both jacks he gave up this afternoon were off his fastball..

The Career AAAA Player said...

A change-up is the pitch that is most likely to look like the fastball so I'm not so sure that hitters are "laying" off it, his control on his fastball just hasn't been good. Any good major league hitter will pummel a 90 fastball in the heart of the plate no how matter how good you're change is.