Sunday, August 26, 2007


After struggling in most of his starts since late July, Chien-Ming Wang absolutely dominated the Tigers. Until tonight even in his "good" starts Wang had been giving up a ton of hits. Check it out

I was really starting to worry about the cracked finger nail that has been plaguing him for a while, but he really impressed me tonight. He also had six strikeouts. Although he still doesn't strike out a lot of batters Wang has K'd 6 in his past two starts. Obviously we would like to see him locked-in like he was against the Mets when he punched out a career high 10. It's highly unlikely... Last season, Wang struck out only 76 batters in 218 IP. This season he has 81K in 159.1 IP. Obviously an improvement, but to rise to the next level he would need to improve even more next season.

Maybe next season he will improve, but right now I'd be happier if he continued to roll ground balls and eat up innings. Wang's 8 IP tonight were exactly what the team needed and with Mussina struggling, Clemens being inconsistent, and Hughes being inexperienced; the Yankees really need Wang to pitch well down the stretch.

"Why did we become Tiger fans? Billy you didn't throw away my Red Sox hat did you?"

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